Ionic 2 with JSLint Support

Is it possible to write Ionic 2 Code that is allowed by JSLint.

I have to use JSLint as the primary liniting tool to avoid javascript’s bad parts

I tried adding es6 option but it gives error on classes and doesn’t recognize decorators.

I want to find a common ground in which I can use JSLint permissible features of ES6 and still use Ionic 2.

Apparantely JSLint considers class as bad, reasons below:
How to Fix the ES6 class keyword

So what could be the best approach to create an Ionic 2 application with JSLint permissible ES6 features ?

I am skipping TypeScript’s static typings in my .ts files and running jslint as a part of my build process before transpilation and webpack processing steps.

I would be surprised if this was possible. Every Angular 2 component I’ve ever seen is a class.

I use TSLint. I’m not sure whether it installed with Sublime 3 TypeScript packages, or with ionic app-scripts, but it catches a lot, and is otherwise invisible. I’d recommend that if you can make the shift away from JSLint to TSLint, you should.