Ionic 2 - Windows App Certification Kit

Hi all,

has anyone actually managed to get an Ionic 2 app to pass the W.A.C.K. test? I can pass every test except for

Crashes and hangs
Error Found: The crashes and hangs test detected the following errors:

I even get this error for standard Sidemenu app without any plugins.

When I run the app myself through Visual Studio, it runs fine and completely as expected.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated because I am at a complete loss as to what I can actually do.


UPDATE OK this isn’t just Ionic 2, it seems the same happens for the Ionic 1 blank template as well. Still causing the Crashes and Hangs test to fail.

UPDATE 2 OK, I haven’t been able to try this myself yet, but I believe THIS might be the solution:

I’ll update again when I’m able to try