Ionic 2 waiting for google analytics AND build errors


Hi All,

I am new to Ionic/Angular. I have just built an Ionic2 app using the CLI:

$ ionic start MyIonic2Project tutorial --v2

When I run the app:

ionic run android --livereload --lc

It all works fine, however, I notice it takes ages to load in the browser (ionic-lab).


It is loading data from Google Analytics. Is this slowing it down, or is the an async call?


I have not modified the code, i.e. vanilla from the ionic build, but I get the following errors. Is this anything to worry about, or can I just ignore these errors?

ionic info



So a few things first.

Do not use livereload on a device. This has not worked for some time now due to security changes in cordova, android, and iOS.

For the errors, look at them one by one.

The 404 for cordova is to be expected in the browser.

The next few look like they’re related to angular2 and system.js, which i’m not sure how that got in there since ionic does not use system JS.

For the ionic is not defined, thats fine, we can ignore that for now