Ionic 2 , reopen a certain view :((

I have a 3 view in my app (1,2,3)
the application automatically reopen the second view
in view 2 and 3 – how to disable this feature ??

I’m using this code to transfer from view 2 to 3

Could you post some code to demonstrate what you are trying to do?

If you want to navigate to a certain page when the app is resumed check out the platform api specifically the pause and resume events.

this is the whole src folder with all codes

and that’s the ionic view ID to test it : 7df35e2b
I don’t know if there’s a serious bug with ionic or not

@mhartington can you help ?

It’d be better to post the relevant code directly into the forum or create a demo in plunker, You can use this template for a demo:

did you test the app in IONIC view and see the problem ??
I wrote the basic code which transform the views


check the src folder for all codes .

Sorry, I have a general rule against downloading files from people on the internet. Without the code the ionic view app isn’t helpful. If you post your code here or in a plunker I’d be glad to help.

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