Ionic 2 RC2 - Issues


I upgraded from RC1 to RC2 today. The watch and build is faster (which is great).

There are a couple of issues that I am running into:

  1. the -l option to ionic server no longer presents the 3 layouts in the browser

  2. log statements (such as console.debug, console.error etc) no longer output when executing ionic serve -c

  3. I used to be able to specify the browser in ionic.config.json. This no longer works and neither does the -w or --browser option to the serve command

Was the serve command changed to no longer take these options, and is there way to get the console output again?


btw - the console in the browser’s dev tools works anyway. Though it would be nice for the command line options to work.


-w as a shorthand arg for “watch” was removed because it caused custom webpack config files to hang the build. See #290.


That is ok. I prefer to use the “defaultBrowser” option in the ionic.config.json file. But that no longer works either.