Ionic 2 RC0: Build process creating files in /src that break later builds

Weird problem just started for me, using Ionic 2 RC0. Was holding off on updating because everything was working great until now. Anyway… see attached VS Code screenshot:

As you can see, the .ts files have a lot of new friends, looks like all the transpiled files are being copied into the actual src directory, in addition to the .tmp directory. This breaks the build process for the next time around, as it appears to be trying to copy the files in to src again and failing. See here:

Any thoughts?


So… it appears that someone opened an issue about this a while back, and folks responded that updating to RC1 fixed this problem. However, I have just done the upgrade to RC2 (detailed here), and I am still having the same problem. Will respond to the issue but just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.


I don’t understand the barrel fad. It breaks tree-shaking and causes all sorts of subtle problems. Does your problem go away if you stop using barrels?

Not sure what “barrels” is – I certainly never installed or configured anything of that sort intentionally. The good news is that I haven’t solved the files problem, but at least the build is not failing anymore…

Then the issue you quoted doesn’t have anything to do with the situation, because it is specifically barrel-related.