Ionic 2 on Fedora


Hi all, just a quickie:

anyone here using (or has used) ionic (2) on Fedora? I am currently using MacBook but have Fedora as backup.

would love to hear any tips from any of you out there :slight_smile:


What’s the problem? It works perfectly under any Linux AFAIK


hey, I did once have it all working last year, but since trying again this year no luck. and no luck installing again either. please see attachment


You are doing a bad things of using sudo to install it under /usr/lib/
I better not mess with the main filesystem
There is a tutorial how to configure npm to allow “-g” to install under your $HOME directory instead of requiring sudo/root permissions.


yes, i agree. i’ll get onto the tutorial over the weekend. cheers


I would just use nvm instead.


yeah i would use nvm if you are hardly in node development… if you do not switch node version it is a little bit to much i think.

instead i would google for the “–prefix” param of npm :wink:


will try out nvm (which i use on Mac anyway). will be back if any issues. I got ionic working straight away on ubuntu. and it did work fine straight off on fedora as well last year, but not anymore. strange.