Ionic 2 json http

I do have problem to view data from this api “” . Which is i want to view data for 16 negeri for the 1 st page, then data for zon for each negeri that has been selected, which is based on the negeri it will view the zon of the negeri in the 2 nd page, and last is to view waktu_solat for each zon for the 3 rd pages…

below is my sample code for 1 page

this html

<ion-item no-lines *ngFor="let states of solat">
	  <button ion-button color="primary" block>{{states}}</button>

this is ts for html


		.then(data1 => {
			this.solat = data1;

and this is to call api json

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Http } from '@angular/http';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';

export class SolatService3 {
	data1: any;
  constructor(public http: Http) {
    console.log('Hello SolatService3 Provider');

	load() {
		if (this.data1) {
		// already loaded data
		return Promise.resolve(this.data1);

  // don't have the data yet
  return new Promise(resolve => {

      .map(res => res.json())
      .subscribe(post => {

        this.data1 =;

for the 2nd and 3rd page I having the same problem

Use local storage or serialize the object store each value as local storage to get to next page

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im using ubuntu 16.04 LTS

what is your problem? That it returns [OBJECT OBJECT]? Of course it will returns object as you only bind the object… take a look at your piece of codes below

let states of solat ... {{states}}

You could try to bind to each member of the object (e.g:


let local = JSON.stringify(this.data1);
let LocalObject = JSON.parse(local);
this.localId = LocalObject.Id;
this.localnama = LocalObject.nama;

<ion-item no-lines *ngFor=“let states of solat”>

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yes this is correct to get a value form object {{states.Name}}

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this is what i get after put {{states.nama}}

Sorry Bro… here nama means your field name… set your any one filed name

Example for :Id, Name, Age, Gender, Place

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You should understand how to work with JSON object first…
If you do understand, then take a look that returned JSON Data from API you used…
You can see which object member you have to bind to suit your need :slight_smile:


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based on that:

this.data1 =;

data is refer to row 2 and negeri is row 3… for the 1st page i want to get data for nama which is total of 16… and after I am click on one nama eg:labuan then it will display the zon.nama = labuan which is for the 2nd page, then waktu_solat for that zon will be appear after click on zon.nama = labuan


what do you need for second page. when you have to click a labuan. ask me frankly. give me your concept

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my concept is develop an app as below providing with the mockup screen;

using this API;


1st pages

-The concept of my app is to display waktu_solat in every negeri,
-Where the 1st page shows a list of all the negeri based on the JSON.
-If one of the negeri is selected, it will go to the 2nd page,

2nd Pages

-In the 2nd page, it will display a list consisting zon that are available in the selected negeri,
-If I selected one of the zon from the list, it will direct the user to the 3rd page,

3rd pages

-Where it will display the waktu_solat of the particular zon of the negeri that the user selected.

Regards :slight_smile:

Here get zon ID to belongs to the zon waktu_solat details

example zon - labuan -id to display single waktu details

another example for

My name is : arul and i have particular unique id ‘1’ here id to display the details



.map(res => res.json())
.subscribe(post => {

    this.data1 =;


is used to view data on that json,

so then the html

<ion-item no-lines *ngFor=“let states of solat”>

will display [OBJECT OBJECT],

fix the {{states.nama}}

will display Empty box only…

which is is wrong here?

Did you try {{ states?.name }} ? This will handle the async data.

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Thanks yewness this is solved my 1st page… :slight_smile:


For the 2nd page, even I click on any negeri it will show all zon. help please?