Ionic 2 Freelancer needed for Startup. $$$$$ part-time for delivering one mobile app

We are a startup in need of Ionic 2 hybrid mobile app developers with strong AWS Cloud experience.

We have a mobile app design concept and mockups nearly completed. We have not secured funding as of yet. We need a “functional prototype” (pre-alpha) using Ionic 2 Framework and storing/retrieving data via DynamoDB and the AWS Free Tier (for startups). We need this functional prototype for focus group feedback, lead generation and round 1 funding. This hybrid mobile app concept/idea has been well received by industry experts.

This mobile app is similar to the Robinhood trading mobile app only in that there is not much graphics and mostly proprietary (private not public) data stored and retrieved via the AWS Cloud. The mobile app has nothing to do with publicly traded stocks, bonds, etc. It is not a stock market trading app but it is a trading app just the same.

There is risk involved with any startup. If you can spare the time to help us develop a mobile app, you WILL BE compensated very nicely once we are funded. We need to work out the details but we would consider compensation of cost x 2 or comparable.

High Level Plan:

  • Phase 1 (Pre-alpha). Ionic 2 Functional Prototype and AWS Cloud.
  • Phase 2 (Alpha). Mobile App has full but basic functionality. Used for focus group feedback.
  • Phase 3 (Beta). Incorporates fixes and feedback.
  • Phase 4 (RC). Wider distribution. More feedback and fixes.
  • Phase 5 (GA). General Availability.

Even if you can only assist through Phase 1 (functional prototype), your compensation could be your cost x 2 (at a minimum) for accepting the startup risk. If we do not do well with Phase 1, the other phases will most likely not happen. I am an experienced entrepreneur and have been a founder or co-founder of 4 companies (one of which has gone public). I know there are probably more questions, but if you have sincere interest, please send me an email.

Thanks. Mark

Hell0 @Middleton,

You will consider working with company.


Hello @Middleton

Please check your inbox.



Are you still looking for someone for this? I am a very experienced developer. Seven ionic Apps to date. I have worked with a few strtups.

Let me know if you would like to chat?


@Middleton I have recently develop 2 application using ionic 2 . Also before that i have 3 years of experience in Ionic and angular JS.

I have already developed application using AWS and MongoDB too.

So still if you are looking for Candidates please contact me.Skype: pmayur355