Ionic 2 Development Setup on MacBook

Hi All,

I want to setup my MacBook for Ionic 2 development but not sure what all is required. I did look around in this forum and also in Ionic 2 docs but didn’t find anything much. Maybe I did not look at the right place.

I know it’s too much to write on what all is required and how to setup. Can somebody please help me with some links and pointer on where to look for the information?

I guess I will need to install Node, NPM, Ionic, TypeScript, Android SDK (Android Studio?), VS Code for IDE, XCode and also add iOS and Android platform into my project.

Thank you.

I’m partial to JetBrains as far as it goes for IDEs, but that’s a personal decision. I strongly urge you to use nvm for managing npm, and instantly close any search results you come across containing the word “sudo”.

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En los recursos de la página encuentras la configuración para Mac.

@rapropos, thanks for the reply, appreciated.

Is nvm an equivallent of npm in Windows platform?

@williamdelvalle - I did come across this page but thought it can’t be the whole thing to get going with Ionic 2 development on MacBook. It doesn’t talk about installing Ioni, etc.

May be this page is a link from some other setup page to talk specifically about iOS setup.

Those are the prerequisites and then you have the getting started.

In the getting started, on the right side also specify that you must have nodejs installed.

PD: As ide you can use VS, but I recommend above all sublime text.

Install your packages with Homebrew, that way you don’t run into the various problems that installing npm via sudo leads you.

No, and it won’t run on Windows. On systems with bash, nvm allows you to install multiple versions of nodejs all in your home directory, so no sudo required, you can switch back and forth between them easily, and know exactly where all the files are so you can blow away problematic installs if necessary.

@gauz09 El IDE Sublime Text 3 tiene actualizado un paquete para ionic. Puedes leer más en el artículo de su author. AQUI