Ionic 2: can't see all button and content in menuToggle


have small issue with my button and content in menuToggle in ionic 2. i see only small part of the button, when i add more and more padding i can see whole button and menuToggle,but i’m not sure this is right to code like that so i just adding the photo of my ionic app. just saying the console in browser not show any error. the app works fine.

that’s my home.html code

<ion-menu [content]="content">
Recent articles
  <button menuClose ion-item *ngFor="let feed of feeds" (click)="openFeed(feed)">
<button ion-button full (click)="addFeed()"  action color="secondary" >
  <ion-icon name="add"></ion-icon> Add Feed

<ion-nav [root]=“rootPage” #content swipeBackEnabled=“false”>
that’s my feedlist.html


Generated template for the Feedlist page.

See for more info on
Ionic pages and navigation.


Try [quote]
<button menuClose ion-item *ngFor=“let feed of feeds” (click)=“openFeed(feed)”>
<button ion-button full (click)=“addFeed()” action color=“secondary” >
<ion-icon name=“add”></ion-icon> Add Feed