Ionic 2 beta is developer version right now?


Ionic 2 vita version is developer version right now or the structure of file will change on final release why i am asking because i am frontend developer and things are totally changed in ionic 2 and i am not too good frontend developer so please anyone clarify myy confusion.


you should get a little bit deeper in angular 2 first. There the transformation starts.

In AngularJS you are free to structure your files like you want. In the new version… there are no controllers and so on. There are basically components. And everything that belongs to that component is in a folder for this component.

This comes from the more OOP approach of typescript. Like you have a context in your app with products. This consists of a product service, a component and mayba many more. With the “import”-functionality of typescript you can simply load the service in other app-parts. so no need to split templates/components and so on in special folder-structures. Simply group “context”… it is tooooo early here to explain it better in english^^.