Ionic 2 beta 11 nav.push doesn't hide previous page

Hi guys,

After update to beta 11 nav.push start working wrong (ionic serve):
usually in Html you could see previous page which has attribute “hidden”.
Now, after update, it does not and so after navigating to a new page the old one is still visible on background. If I manually add the attribute - then everything becomes ok.

Could you please advice what is going wrong or if I forget something?

I’ve managed to find a workaround for this issue.
when you go to the next page using nav.push, ionic creates in HTML the second element with class “show-page”. In CSS we have {opacity:1}. The first element still have the same class, while I think it should not.
use in scss {
opacity: 0;
} {
opacity: 1;
So, it set opacity to 0 for all elements with class “show-page” except the last one, which have 1.