Ionic 2 at new Hammer undefined


when use tutorial sample show error cannot read property ‘addEventListener’ of null

ionic slider not working


What kind of tutorial is this that combines Ionic and jQuery?


yes im using ionic 2 and jquery


I know. I saw it in your error message.

My question was which tutorial tells you to do that. It is a very, very bad idea as it is complicated to get working.


im use ionic start MyIonicProject tutorial to sample and its ok, but when i edit sample and add another library like jquery, hammerjs, my script file , … is not working, when use slide for show images slide not working correctly, im guess ionic has problem with rtl project, my lang is persian


No, your project has a problem with some of the code your wrote, from the stacktrace something in “new Hammer” doesn’t work.

So this has nothing to do with any tutorial, but you are just doing stuff that doesn’t work. Correct?


im fine. thank you :heart_eyes: