Ionic 2 app stuck on Exhibit 4g (older phone)



I tried my simple Ionic app as well as the conference app.
On my Nexus 6p, it takes about 2-4 seconds to load up (mostly black screen, the flash screen goes away almost immediately). This is with --release and --prod, otherwise it takes way longer.
On my older Samsug Exhibit 4g with Android 4.2.2, all I get is a few seconds on the black screen, and then the splash screen - forever. These are the specs:

Is this type of behavior expected? I did see in the release blog post about Ionic 2 that it should be much more performant now. My Ionic 1 app is slow, but at least works fine on the Exhibit 4g.



Anyone have thoughts or tips about this?


My issue continues, hope someone can chime in with advice. I renamed the title so that it is clearer.