Ionic 2 app architecture. The flow of a modular app

Hi :slight_smile: I’m planning on building a book app but the architecture of the app feels incorrect. Would love to hear your views and ideas and any recommendations.

  • I feel I’m calling the provider too many times ?
  • is modules the only way ?
  • is there a typescript/angular2 way to structure this ?

How has this worked out for you so far??/

Hey @Brady_Liles I actually figured this out and forgot to delete the post. The issue i was having was not being able to understand how templates work, but thanks for the reply

I’m happy it worked out for ya. Did you go with the same kind of architecture you posted above? ( Dealing with a similar issue… )

Sorry don’t think I can help @Brady_Liles (Forgot how I structured it). I would sugguest learning more about how angular works especially Directives and Components work.