Ionic 2 Angular iOS build runs old code



I’m having a problem with my Ionic 2 Angular app. Here’s what’s going on:

I followed the tabs template tutorial and deployed my app (v0.1) then added native plugins and released v0.2 and now I’m about to release v0.3. Now when I run Ionic serve -l everything works fine, no errors, app runs great with all features working but when I run ionic cordova run ios --device -l my iOS app (running on an iOS device) always reverts back to v0.1 when it rebuilds automatically after making code changes.

I uninstall it, re-install it and it shows me the latest code (v0.3) but as soon as I make a code change and it re-builds, it’s v0.1 code and then it no longer does live updates. Is there anywhere in my code that I’m supposed to increment the version code besides from config.xml file?


Try removing, then reinstalling the ios platform. Something might have gone wonky. Also make sure you have updated the Ionic build scripts as well


I think it’s because there is old code in my ionic git so I will try updating that.