Ionic 2 and Ionic 1


Ionites: The existing documentation does not say much (unless it is implied) about the integration between Ionic 1 and 2. By integration (there could be a better word) I mean the following: (a) will Ionic 1 apps still open and run with the Ionic 2 CLI? (b) will Ionic 2 apps work in PG Build in the same way that Ionic 1 apps did? There may be better ways to articulate this but a hope you understand anyway. Thanks

  1. Yes! So the cli will know if you have an ionic v1 app or a v2 app and provide the different functionality you need.

  2. Yes, if you need PGBuild support, V2 apps will still work the same way. Or you could check out our new package serviceā€¦

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Thank you for taking time to answer. I appreciate it. I have read about your new package service with great excitement. Over time I will migrate in that direction testing my way forward as I go. I am often mostly on thin (know-how) ice. I do look forward though to moving on to version 2. I tried over the week-end but something went awry with the download so I had to reverse back into old habits again.