Ionic 2 and bit6 or quickblox plugin

hey guys, i want to add a video support in my apps but i need a help with bit6 or quickblox, need a help please!!!

Hi arsene,

I’m not familiar with mp3/mp4 in Ionic, but as you know there are a couple of native plugins for advanced multimedia uses (photos, videos, so on).
As for video, I’d suggest you learn about this native cordova plugin (the basic one) ( then plug it with bit6 or quickbox.
The leaner the native, the faster it will be when app is built (ionic run, deploy, package).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

the two plugins is for video call and message text inApp

Then can you precise what is your end goal please? What do you want to achieve, maybe a list of functionalities?

  1. be able to do that
  2. be able to do other task

Wouldn’t hurt to precise your question if you want useful answers.

i have a app, but i want to integrate a video call between user with bit6 or quickblox plugin. can you help me?

Not me, this would be too complicated as I don’t know these 2 plugins, sorry.