Ionic 2 Alpha local development server not getting commands in CLI

In Ionic 2 alpha I started a new app (base “tutorial” app without any mod) and the ionic server through “ionic serve” CLI command.
Browser starts correctly and in the CLI i get “[BS] Watching files…” but then it seems not responding my commands, such as quit or restart. It seems to be stuck there and also doesn’t get updates from updated files nor quit, restart etc the server.
Any help would be appreciated!

This is my config, everything was reinstalled from scratch:
Nodejs 4.2.1
NPM 3.3.9
Ionic 2.0.0-alpha.9
Bower 1.6.5
Grunt 0.4.5
MacOS X Yosemite 10.10.5


PS it works well with Ionic apps version 1

Could you update to the latest alpha CLI (2.0.0-alpha.18) and let me know if this is still a problem?