Ionic 1 or Ionic 2?


Hi guys

I’ve been reading around a fair bit and it seems there’s a lot of love for Ionic 2 over Ionic 1 (which is still awesome in my opinion).

I have developed the same app in both, but have reached a sticking point with the one in Ionic 2 - No list reordering utility.

Shame, as I’d like to continue with Ionic 2, but I think I’ll have to head back to my Ionic 1 project as I don’t want to sacrifice usability for the sake of using an updated framework.

Would I be right in doing this??


Hello ionicbobs,

You have still option to code it manually, is that not right way to do instead of switching back to earlier version.


Hi umardraz

I’m quite new to Ionic and Angular and coding it manually is a little tricky for me :slight_smile:

Would you be able to point me in the right direction for me to do this? No problem if not, I have my Ionic 1 backup!



i will feel more than happy to guide you, do share your part of the code relevant to that area, lets see what i can do for you :slight_smile:


Thank you umardraz.

First of all, I have tried to extract my code from my various Ionic2 files into a CodePen to show you, but I can’t even get the CodePen to work! (this is how rubbish I am):

I have created an Ionic1 CodePen, so you can see what I’m trying to achieve.

Basic reordering with the added functionality of moving activities between days (i.e. move “clean bike” from Tuesday to Monday). I haven’t managed to get my Ionic 1 project to the stage where you can move activities between days, I’m also stuck on this.

From my Ionic2 various files, my template is:

<div *ngFor="let day of week">


		<ion-item-divider primary>

		<ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let activity of day.activities">

			<a ion-item>
				<ion-icon name="plus" item-right></ion-icon>

		    	<button primary><ion-icon name="clipboard"></ion-icon></button>
		    	<button danger><ion-icon name="remove"></ion-icon></button>


		  	<button outline>
			    Add an activity





have you fixed it or still looking for the solution?