Ionic 1 On keyboard open i see this


Whenever any input field is focused seeing lots of these.

What’s going on

2017-07-07 18:09:35.592 WeatherSpork[17781:7205108] Snapshotting a view that has not been rendered results in an empty snapshot. Ensure your view has been rendered at least once before snapshotting or snapshot after screen updates.
2017-07-07 18:09:36.624236+0530 WeatherSpork[17781:7205108] [Common] _BSMachError: port 1e1b; (os/kern) invalid capability (0x14) "Unable to insert COPY_SEND"
2017-07-07 18:09:36.624715+0530 WeatherSpork[17781:7205108] [Common] _BSMachError: port 1e1b; (os/kern) invalid name (0xf) "Unable to deallocate send right"


Did you added keyboard plugin to your App.


Yes, i did add keyboard plugin.


Have you overridden the keyboard focus event with some code.