Ionic 1 crashes on Android 8


I’ve published an Ionic 1 app a couple weeks ago. So far it has about 600+ downloads.
However, some Android 8 users have reported that the app crashes their UI, getting the following error: “System UI has stopped” while having the app running. Afterwards, they have been unable to remove the app, only until they tried to do so via the Play store.

I haven’t been getting any crash reports in the Play Store console. I’ve tried to update the platform and plugins but they’re still reporting the same experience. All the other users are running the app smoothly.

Right now, the app is active in 35 Android 8.0 devices, and I’ve gotten so far about 7 reports of the crashing problem.
In case it helps, here’s a link to play store:

Any ideas?

Add <preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="23"/> your config.xml.

Android 8 working under name of API 27,so he should add value 27 not 23, i have tried this but still failed with crash.

Open a new topic please where you describe your complete problem. Also include your ionic info output.