Ionic 1.2.1 Slides bullets hidden


Yesterday I installed the new version of Ionic (1.2.1-nightly-1867 using bower). Every thing seems to work fine except the bullets for the new ion-slides directive.

When the DOM is created I can see a ng-hide class which is added to the bullets div, and so the bullets are hidden. If I remove this class, I can see the bullets, click on it and everything is fine.

Here is the code I can observe using developer tools :

<div ng-hide="!showPager" class="swiper-pagination swiper-pagination-clickable ng-hide">...</div>

Did anyone also encounter this problem ?
I can’t find where this ng-hide="!showPager" comes from…

Thanks by advance,

Ho… It seems to be when there are more than 10 slides…
Is there a way to avoid hiding it even if there are more than 10 slides ?

Edit : Ok, found it in ionic.bundle.js.
When removing ng-hide test, it works fine.

If it can helps someone else :slight_smile: