Ioni pipe undefined

in my ionic project i used API.

i use pipe to split the time from (2017-08-11T13:38:00.000) .
my pipe page code below:

import {Pipe} from ‘@angular/core’;

name: ‘mattDamon’
export class MattDamon {
transform(value, args) {
let time = value.split(‘T’)[1];
let timehr=time.split(’:’)[0];
let timemin=time.split(’:’)[1];
// let center=":";
let Fulltim=timehr+":"+timemin;
return Fulltim;

when is use

{{item.operationalTimes.publishedArrival.dateLocal | mattDamon}}

like this i get actual output.
but i use
{{timedeparture | mattDamon}}
like this in another page ,i get error.
the ( transform(value, args) ) “value” variable get undefined value. so i cant split this.
hoe did get undefined value to “value variable??”
when i display the "timedeparture " , like this “
” it display full value(2017-08-11T13:38:00.000).
but i cant split this value using pipe.

You already made another topic, and clearly did not bother to listen to anything said.