`<IonBreadcrumb>` `routerLink` equivalent

<IonBreadcrumb> has a href attribute, but no routerLink.

When I select a <IonBreadcrumb> with a ´hrefattribute, the browser will fully (re)load a new page. WhenrouterLink` is used, a transition happens (e.g. between pages and tabs), without fully reloading.

How can I use <IonBreadcrumb> and still transition to a page, without fully reloading the page?

Bump! Wrapping these components in others that support routerLink doesn’t really solve the issue: The parent element can still be selected, focused, etc. Why don’t have all Ionic components with href alsorouterLink?!

<IonBreadcrumb> actually has routerLink and the other router* related props?
Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Was this added? Anyway, this of course solves my problem.