`<IonBackButton />` and Breadcrumbs

The <IonBackButton /> component offers a native back-button UX.

However, I am already using breadcrumbs to show the categories to the user. How can I integrate the back button into the breadcrumbs?
The back button is only shown when the user actually navigated to the category since the app start.
When the user accesses the category page directly, the back button is missing - but it would still make sense to show it to the user. But Ionic treats this as the first page since app start - which is technically correct, but not necessarily the best UX from a human perspective.

If you add defaultHref then you should see the back button every time.
See documentation

<ion-buttons slot="start">
    <ion-back-button defaultHref="/my-route"></ion-back-button>
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Yes, thanks! This is what I needed. The defaultHref would be adjusted depending on what page the back button is (when the user enters the app by that page).