Ion-view doesn't get removed

I have 2 $states.

  • the first one points to ‘intro’
  • the second points to ‘single’

I have followed Ionic’s codepen on how to create an introductory screen with slide-boxes
Here’s a link to the Pen:

My intro-state is taken from the pen
My single-state is a page that I have written myself.

When I press the “Skip Intro” button I go to the “single” page, BUT the ion-view associated with the slide-box IS NOT being removed. So what I end up with are two different ion-view’s. It looks like this in the inspector:

As you can see there are two tags. One called “Introduction” and the second called “single”.

I also went back to the ionic’s Introduction pen and ran it separately and found out that the same thing happens if I only run their pen as well. Here is a screen shot of the inspector again:

==>>> Why doesn’t the first one, Introduction, get removed when I navigate to the “single” page.

I would really appreciate some help here because I think this is above my level of knowledge in angular/ionic.

THE MAIN REASON why I need help with this is because: I have $ionicGesture-handling associated with the second view, and when I go from the introduction, to => the second view, all gesture-events are registered outside of the content-area. I am not sure if content-area is the right word, but if i drag with the mouse/finger outside of the phone, events are registered “inside” of the phone.

At first I thought there was some kind of problem with $ionicGesture-service, but now it seems that the two ion-view tags seem to be the problem.

Thanks, from Sweden :slight_smile: