Ion-toggle (ionChange) triggered

If you’ve read many of my posts here, you know my feelings about any in app code (I absolutely hate it for both readability and stupid-bug-enabling reasons, and have yet to run into a situation aside from “some external library uses it” where I couldn’t avoid using it), but carrying on to the topic at hand,

You’re probably already using something along these lines, but in case it’s of any use to you, here’s the design pattern I have used to implement this idiom for a markdown renderer.

Apologies if you’ve already done this, but if not, please click through the second link in my first post in the thread - @jasonwaters had an idea that I was able to use to implement <ion-toggle>s that require an intermediate action between when the user tries to slide them and when the toggling actually happens. I have a feeling that the same “event-filtering” idea might help you ignore calls to attributeChange that you don’t want to take.