[ion-tabs] Tabs not focused when using a dynamic identifier

Hi all,

I am using ion-tabs to help navigate through my app, I have found if I use a sublink with a dynamic identifier the ion-tab remains in its focused state (which is as expected)

However if i use the dynamic ID when loading the tab it loses it’s focused state. The code for which is below

Routing Module

const routes: Routes = [
    path: '',
    component: JobPage,
    children: [
        path: 'parts',
        children: [
            path: 'basket',
            loadChildren: () => import('./Parts/basket/basket.module').then(m => m.BasketPageModule)
            path: ':id',
            loadChildren: () => import('./Parts/part-requests.module').then(m => m.PartRequestsPageModule)
Menu page
    <ion-tab-bar slot="bottom">

        <ion-tab-button class="tab-button" tab='parts/{{this.job.RecordNumber}}'>
            <fa-icon [icon]="faCubes"></fa-icon>


I have removed the Identifier and it remains focused, so to me this would suggest an issue with the ID being used.

any help is much appriciated

If this really is like this, i would recommend to open an Issue here. If you do so, please include a Repo for the Team to reproduce this, in the best case just a “tabs” starter project with the small adjustments needed

I’m also curious to see what happens if you bind [tab] and set up the entire string in the controller, as opposed to using {} interpolation in the template.