Ion-tab inside template doesn't work


i would like to insert ion-tab in template with an abstract ion-tab

i try but it show after content and the links doesn’t work

he must be under Chats header like a sub menu of search

thanks you for helping me


hei i got the same problem.
have you fix it sir?


i fix the problem on create manually tab system (template) :

	  <div class="button-bar">
		  <a class="button or noborder" ng-model="button.first" ng-click="click(button.first)" ng-class="button.first.clicked?'or noborder':'button-light'">navbutton1</a>
		  <a class="button or noborder" ng-model="button.second" ng-click="click(button.second)" ng-class="button.second.clicked?'or noborder':'button-light'">navbutton2</a>

  <div ng-if="statetab==true">
        <!--content of the tab1 -->

  <div ng-if="statetab==false">
        <!--content of the tab2 -->

and the controller :

$scope.button = {};
$scope.button.first = {};
$scope.button.second = {};
$scope.statetab = true;
$scope.button.first.clicked = true;

  $ = function(button){
	$scope.button.first.clicked = false;
	$scope.button.second.clicked = false;
	button.clicked = true;
	if ($scope.button.first.clicked ==true)
		$scope.statetab = true;
		$scope.statetab = false;

good luck :wink:

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