Ion split pane size control without an ionmenu

Greetings, I’m making heavy use of the ion split pane for some side menus in a new app I’m building, I’d really like to be able to toggle the width to only show icons. The blocker for me is the documented css properties aren’t working. I believe this is because my ion split pane does not contain an ion menu. It contains an ion list of ion buttons. There is already a left side menu, and having nested menus inside ion split pane is a know issue already so I avoided it.
I’m curious if there is a way to control the ion split pane width when there is not a menu inside. If this is not possible the amount of restructuring I’ll need to it is considerable, but not impossible. I’m just very happy with the ion split pane and want to control the width programmatically but the documented way isn’t working. If anyone knows any solutions to this issue i would be grateful