Ion-slides do not swipe to next slide if trying to swipe on scrollable area

I’m making the app for Windows 10 Universal.
I use ion-slides, and every slide has four section, some of that sections can have scrollable content. When I try to swipe, starting from the section, which is not swipeble, everything works fine, but when start from section which is scrollable swipe doesn’t work.
And I have this problem only on Windows 10 Universla tablet. And if I use mouse instead of touch, everything works just fine, so the problem is with touch.
And I tried whith Android, everything works fine too.


     <ion-slides [options]="mySlideOptions">
          <ion-slide *ngFor="let slide of slides">
                   <div *ngFor="let section of slide"


    <p style="overflow-y: auto">Some long text here</p>

Any suggestions? I still need help!