Ion Slider stuck a while on the first slide and then slide

I am using a ion-slider with following slide options.

slideOpts = {
    slidesPerView: 3.5,
    loop: true,
    centeredSlides: false

I fetch the data from Firebase to the slider.

this.firedb.list<any>('/2020/sliderTest').valueChanges().subscribe(data => {
      data.forEach(entry => {

And then, I need my slider to start from a specific point. To do that, I do this.

ionViewDidEnter() {
    this.holidaySlider.slideTo(6, 0);

This setup works fine, but only in fast internet connection.

When I switch the network into slow 3G, The slider shows only the first slide for a while, and then slides. In some occasions, it slides to the required position. But in most cases, it stops halfway. (This is in browser debugging)

I experienced the same behavior when I run the app on a low end device. On the devices with enough computational power, it runs smooth as expected on the same network.

Anything I can do about this? any workaround at least?



slideTo() doesn’t have to be there. Without it also, the issue takes place. Shows the first slide on the middle and then only it shows the other slides.

I removed the ion slider completely and created a my own slider using bootstrap flex. It does the job.