Ion-slide-box: Can I have slides that are less than one screen wide?

I really like the mechanics of ion-slide-box and it works perfectly in the intended way. I would like to use it a little differently, though, more or less a la Windows Phone. Windows Phone shows part of the content of the next slide on the screen of the current slide, at least in some apps. In my case, I would like to make the new slide occupy the last 10% of the screen width.

Screenshot taken from Engadget

Ideally, I would like to know how to configure ion-slide-box to a custom value. In the example mentioned above it would be 0.9 as the width for the current slide but I also have another scenario in mind for which a custom value would be useful.


Right now, this isn’t going to be possible, as the slides width is determined via javascript.

We are planning to refactor slide-box to make it more customizable and more performant.

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How big of a task is this? Can I help?

is this available now?