Ion Slide Box and scroll down sensitivity


I have ion-slide-box which with pictures in them which are working fine. The problem is that now when I try to scroll down sometimes the gesture is ‘taken’ by the ion slide box and the slide moves instead of the page going down.

Is there a way to fix that, or are gesture too sensitive?


Well the gestures to change a slide are 1:1, so short answer, not really.

but slide-box is being refactored to be a more customizable and more performant

Thanks for the answer,
Is that a behavior i’m the only one to observe ?

About the refactoring do you know when it’ll be released ( not which day, more an estimate like this month, this year, etc … :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this great work

So the refactoring we’re hoping to get done before 1.0 final is out, soo the only estimate I can give is soon…

is there any new updates related this issue? :smile: