Ion-skeleton-text animation ionic-v4

introduced by ionic in v4. but what about animation in this fake loading?

I also want to know

Take a look at this article:

It will show you how to apply enter/exit animations for skeleton components.

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I wanted to update this post to add that animated is coming soon to skeleton text! I merged the following PR today:

There’s a dev release on that PR if you would like to try it out sooner, but it will be in the 4.1.0 release. The usage is below:

thanks brandyshea :slight_smile:

At IonicThemes we came up with a solution that uses a progressive shell resolver to achieve smooth page transitions that play well with Angular route resolvers. Check out this showcase to see the App Shell component in action and all the styles you can apply to it.

We are also writing a tutorial to explain how to create this type of component.

Here are some screenshots of what we built for this Ionic 4 App:


According the doc skeleton could now be animated