Ion-side-menu, can we set 'side' property from scope?

<ion-side-menu side={{menuSide}}>

I want to show menu from left side for English, and to be on right side for Arabic content.

And set menuSide from controller like,

 $scope.menuSide = 'left'; //for English and 'right' for arabic

How I toggle the side menu is from controller with following code,

 $ionicSideMenuDelegate.toggleLeft();// for English
$ionicSideMenuDelegate.toggleLeft();//for Arabic

but how it render on browser is

<ion-side-menu side="right" is-enabled="true" width="275" class="menu menu-{{menuSide}}" style="width: 275px; z-index: 0;">

@nazeels can you create a codepen for it?

Yeah, at the moment, this isn’t something supported.

Thank you for the support, this feature might be great to support for rtl language like Arabic. hope you would consider this in future version

Side-menus need to be updated soon, so we will take this into consideration.