Ion selectable no run properly

i need value on z_CRCD_6 from ports array.
i had data array on console.log as below
ports = {rowIndex: 0, MOExist: false, z_CRCD_6: {internalValue: “AED”, value: “AED”}, z_DL01_7: {internalValue: “UAE Dirham”, value: “UAE Dirham”}}

and oh html as below

<ion-label>Currency Code</ion-label>
<ionic-selectable [(ngModel)]="crcd" itemValueField="value"
  itemTextField="z_CRCD_6" [items]="ports" [canSearch]="true"
  [hasInfiniteScroll]="true" (onSearch)="searchCrcd($event)"

but the result is : [object object]

i try using z_CRCD_6.value —> result empty
i ry using z_CRCD_6[‘value’] —> result is also empty

You can’t ask an object to be an array.

itemTextField=“z_CRCD_6” i change to itemTextField=“value” That same the result is empty.