Ion-select select value using text instead of value

Hi all,

I have created a dynamic select list that needs to show a list of options, the issue I am having is that I am showing the options using a description, that is visible to the user as well as values that are not visible to the user. Now I have got a default value that needs to be selected on loading the page, the problem is this value is a description and not a value type.

Is there any way to auto select this item using the description text and not the value text?

<ion-select [formControlName]="field.Identifier" interface="popover">
    <ion-option *ngFor="let option of field.LookupDataSet" value="{{option.Value}}">{{option.Description}}</ion-option>

and the backend:

var control = new FormControl(field.DefaultValue, this.validators);
this.inputForm.addControl(field.Identifier, control);

and the model:

export class Field {
	Description: string;
	DefaultValue: string;
	LookupDataSet: LookupBarcode[];   //for select lists
	Type: number;
	Value: string;
	Identifier: string;

	setLookupDataSets(datasetArray) {
		var datasets = new Array<LookupBarcode>();

		for (let dataset of datasetArray) {
			datasets.push(new LookupBarcode(dataset));

		return datasets;

class LookupBarcode {
	Value: string;
	Description: string;

When the description is unique use it as value too.

The problem is, we submit this form to an endpoint which expects the value, not the decription

Than i would make an help array with all value descriptions pairs.

Than you can search this array to find the matching value for your default description.

I ended up changing the api endpoint that sends the data to send a default value as well as a default description. That solved it for me