Ion-select not working when bind the object to the [vale]

I have used ionic-4 and ngrx which is used to state management, when i get some data object from store(ngrx) and assign to through formControll it isn’t assigned properly. but i assigned the same object from array of same objects it was assigned properly.can anyone explain the reason of above issue ? is there any solutions? => {
      if (assetDetails && this.productMasterData$) {
        this.noOfAssetsControl.setValue(assetDetails.assetDetails.noOfAssets, { emitEvent: false, onlySelf: true });
        this.isVatRegisteredControl.setValue(assetDetails.assetDetails.supVatRegistered, { emitEvent: false, onlySelf: true });
        const asset = this.productMasterData$.assets.findIndex(x => x.code === assetDetails.assetDetails.assetType.code);
        this.assetTypeControl.setValue(this.productMasterData$.assets[asset], { emitEvent: false, onlySelf: true });

numbers are assigned properly

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “assigned properly”?

the object was set as selected