Ion Select appearance

Check the following select:

When you tested it opens a new windows which you can checked mark on its rightside.

When I tested it, the checked mark is on the left and it has a different appearance. I want to make the appearance looks like on the screen.

item 1 v
item 2 v

Instead of

[ v ] item 1
[ v ] item 2

How ?

Why not paste a picture?

Clik di Ionic Framework link above and click the Hair Color v Brown on the android picture on the right side.

That’s my picture, not yours. if you want someone to take a look of your problem, you should describe your environment.

The style and position are set via the mode attribute. That is some that you can set in your template. For further customization, you may need to inspect it further with the DevTools. The platform value will direct how the component is visually rendered.