Ion Segments not working with InAppBrowser

Hello everyone,

i have a strange performance problem on my ionic application. I use the cordova inappbrowser to open an external url for an authentication process. After successfull login, the browser will be closed and the user will be pushed to a view containing ion-segment buttons. The problem is that the segment buttons are responding very slowly… When I restart the app, the segment buttons are working normally again. I have created a github repository for it. You can find it here:

My suggestion is that the webview from the inappbrowser isn’t closed correctly (about:blank after browser.close()) and it’s decreasing the performance of the ionic components.

I tested it on Android and IOS devices

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I think this problem could also influence the performance of the ionic tabs component

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Hi @Testalus,

I’m exactly in your situation (in app browser for authentication, after closing all segments are unresponsive or extremely slow) but on an Ionic 4 app.

I’ve tried anything I could think of but in the end the only viable solution for me seems to be brutally reloading the app (window.location.href = ‘/’) and after it reloaded relying on the fact that within the session in the webview the user is authenticated so I can simply make a “who am I” request to the server to get the details of the logged user, but I would really prefer a less naive solution

Did you manage to find a solution for that?