Ion-segement as reusable component

our app are used some tab navigations, once a super-tabs component and once a ion-segment. We only want one component and want to use this as reusable component for every tab navigations in our app.


In our list-comonent we are using the super-tabs with slides and get the content from external components:


        <ion-slide class="slide-1">
        <ion-slide class="slide-2">
        <ion-slide class="slide-3">

And in our form component we are using a tab structure from backend, so we iterate through the tab object:

        <ion-segment scrollable>
            <ion-segment-button (click)="clickTab("
                *ngFor="let tab of list$, first as isFirst"
                {{ }}

Any idea how we can use the property binding to create a reusable ion-segment component?

Thanks for every tip!