Ion-scroll with Paging Ionic 1.3


I’ve recently upgraded from Ionic 1.0 to 1.3. Everything seems smooth but I’ve noticed a feature that stopped working. When using ion-scroll and paging="true" it seems to not work well anymore. Now when swiping it’s not doing the horizontal pagination behaviour as it used to. It’s now simply scrolling.

Anybody can help with that? It’s a nice feature that seems to not working correctly now

I’m using it as below:

<ion-scroll direction="x" scrollbar-x="false" delegate-handle="logActivityXScroll" paging="true" scroll="true">

On desktop it looks to be working fine but when on mobile it’s just not paginating the scroll horizontally.



I’ve found why paging isn’t working anymore: now I can see this:

if (self.isNative()) { scrollView = self.scrollView = new ionic.views.ScrollNative(scrollViewOptions); } else { scrollView = self.scrollView = new ionic.views.Scroll(scrollViewOptions); }

looks like there’s a switch done for ScrollView for when the App is on a native device. On this ScrollNative the paging doesn’t seem to be implemented.

Is this something that will be done in future? Would be awesome to have this feature in the native view. For now overflowScroll = false does the trick.