Ion-option-button, swipe left-right?

How can i use “Share” button with left-right swipe

<ion-option-button class="button-positive">Share</ion-option-button>

and “Edit” button for right-left swipe

<ion-option-button class="button-assertive">Edit</ion-option-button>


Right now this isn’t possible, but it’s a good idea! You should open an issue for this feature!

Have you tried using the new gesture events?

Would you be able to point me to where I could implement this? The swipeleft event will not work because we would like perform the same action as what happens when somebody drags right.

Amazing framework btw!

Any answer / clue for this issue?

There is this PR

Which looks good, but won’t make it in the framework the next release. We’ll want to add it in afterwards and test it out some more.

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Cool! Thanks Mike!

Anyway, could you please give the sample codepen to show how to use the code and how it works?

Not at the moment. But how it would work is you add a side attribute to the ion-option-buttons, but it defaults to right.

<!-- defaults to right  -->
<!-- button on the right -->
<ion-option-button side="right"></ion-option-button>
<!-- button on the left -->
<ion-option-button side="left"></ion-option-button>
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I’ve tried to use it in my code but it still didnt happen, Mike.
Do i have to injected any code in ionic js library (ionic.bundle.js) or add any additional script?

here’s my codepen :

You can’t use this right now. It has not mades its way into the framework. It is not possible to test this in codepen.

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Okay Mike. Thanks for the advice.
Looking forward for this awesome feature on the future Ionic’s version!

Hey Mike, this is to just confirm this PR is not in Ionic V1? Its available from Ionic V2. Correct?