Ion-option-button(s) not resizing on ng-hide/ng-show

I am using ng-click and ng-hide on ion-option-button(s) in order to trigger subsequent options.

  1. Clicking on the first ion-option-button hides itself and shows the two others.

My problem lies in the fact that when the first ion-option-button is hidden, the size of the previous button doesn’t update to the width of the two following ones, covering its text.

1 !

<ion-option-button ng-hide="downloaded1" ; style="color:black;" class="button-energized" ng-click="downFile(); 
Preference('Apea.pdf'); downloaded1=true;">
<p ng-bind="download"></p>

<ion-option-button ng-show="downloaded1" ; class="button-energized" ng-click="openFile(); 
<p ng-bind="send"></p>

<ion-option-button ng-show="downloaded1" ; class="button-primary" ng-click="openFile(); 
Preference('Apea.pdf'); ">
<p ng-bind="open"></p>

Here when I extend the swipe fully manually :face_with_raised_eyebrow: