Ion-option-button in list, toggle by icon click instead of swipe?

@flavordaaave I finally found solution to avoid swiping of already swiped element:

<ion-list click-for-options-wrapper can-swipe="false">
Disabled swiping on list.

// Change the open attribute on swipe left
$ionicGesture.on('swipeleft', function (e) {
    clicked = true;
    attrs.$set('optionButtons', 'show');          
}, element);

// Change the open attribute on swipe right
$ionicGesture.on('swiperight', function (e) {
    clicked = false;
    attrs.$set('optionButtons', 'hidden');
}, element);

Adaded handlers for left and right swiping.

Now I have ion option buttons functionality supporting tap and swipe!

Hello friends,

how to disabled the button click event for ion-option-button .
and adding the 6 button on single ion-option-button.
so i can perform various operation in on single ion-option-button .

showing multiple button in single ion-option-button