Ion note not greyed with template


Don’t know what i do wrong but when is use ng-template, the content of ion-note is not anymore greyed…

 <ion-note *ngIf="rval_mlpc_proparam_all[0]!=0; then content else nocontent" item-end text-wrap></ion-note>
      <ng-template #content>{{rval_mlpc_proparam_all[1] }}-{{rval_mlpc_proparam_all[2] | number : '2.0-0'}} kg</ng-template>
      <ng-template #nocontent>no data</ng-template>

Thanks for your help

There is a simplest way to do this with no color errors:

<ion-note item-end text-wrap>
    {{ rval_mlpc_proparam_all[0] ? ("your custom content") : ("no data") }}
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Perfect ! Thanks you