Ion-nav-view height changing when hiding/showing nav bar, but scroll is cut off

So on our app, we have a nav bar at the bottom on some pages as well as a notification “pulldown” on the top that holds some notifications. However the app initializes with neither showing, so the view (i assume) is calculated at full device height. Once the page with the nav bar, notification pane or both is added into the frame, the scrolling is cut off (i.e. you can’t see some of the content that is now hidden behind the pulldown or nav bar).

I have tried including $ionicScrollDelegate and running .resize() on that element as a function call as well as tried running it in an interval loop every 5 seconds, both in the main controller, and in the ion-nav-view element, but it appears to do nothing.

I’m a bit at my wit’s end here, so any help to get the scroll to recover would be helpful. Thanks!